Have you ever been to a church that seemed geared towards adults and that your kid felt out of place? That happens with dentists, too. Sometimes dentists just aren’t focused on serving kids, such that their office has no bright colors, toys, puzzles, or other stuff to appeal to youngsters. On the other hand, there are dentists like Dr. Kiraly who make sure her office is inviting to kids and adults alike.

Dr. Kiraly is a great pediatric dentist because she makes little ones feel welcomed and comfortable when they make their initial dental appointments. Did you know she sees kids as young as 1, helping them get used to the idea of dental visits? Dr. Kiraly also will tell parents that all kids should have their first dental visit at least by their third birthday. Dental care at a young age helps determine the overall health and well-being of a person for a lifetime.

If you have a little one in the house and want them to develop good hygiene habits, why not bring them in to talk with Dr. Kiraly, as she encourages them to brush at least twice-a-day, and shows them how to hold and use a toothbrush properly? She can also show kids all about flossing teeth, and give them tips on how to keep their teeth in good condition, drinking and eating “good stuff.”

As a dentist who enjoys seeing children, Dr. Kiraly is an expert with tooth growth and development management. Of course there are the typical things to be done, like cleanings, fluoride treatments, and X-rays, but it’s also good to know that the doctor is able to offer parents valuable insight and advice to help steer kids in the right direction.

Putting a child at ease at a dentist’s office is of utmost importance to the staff and doctor at Crowley Family Dental. First impressions count, and we want each and every kid who comes to the office to leave with a positive feeling about their experience.