Picture this: your son is at a baseball game and another player hits him in the face with a baseball. This accident is scary, and your son immediately begins to cry as blood gushes out of his mouth. This is a traumatic moment for all involved. It’s as if time stops for a moment, and you, as a parent, go into overdrive mode. First things first: what’s broken? It looks like he has damage to his front teeth. One’s chipped, another is cracked, and a third is missing amidst all the blood. It’s going to be a rough day.

Thankfully, Crowley Family Dental offers same day emergency care. That means if you or someone you know experiences a dental emergency, you can trust that the folks at Crowley Family Dental will go out of their way to attend to the problem as quickly as possible. With dental emergencies, time is of the essence, especially when the pain is excruciating.

What are some dental emergencies that warrant same day care? First, there’s the aforementioned excessive bleeding in the mouth due to an accident or injury. Next, anytime you have a broken or dislodged tooth, that’s a major problem. Thirdly, when there’s bad swelling involved thanks to an abscessed tooth, you need immediate attention. Finally, if you experience facial fractures affecting your bones, gums, and/or mouth, that’s reason enough to come into the office for same day emergency care.

Your mouth is a precious asset. If something awful is happening in it, involving your teeth and gums, it’s not “something that can wait ‘til tomorrow.” Do not be stubborn or proud and try to “take the pain,” because that could lead to death! Mouth problems are no joke.

Hopefully you or your loved ones never have to take advantage of Crowley Family Dental’s same day emergency service, but if you do, it’s good to know it’s available.