Krista M. Crowley, DDS

Before you get to read about Dr. Krista Crowley’s professional credentials, how about getting to know more about Dr. Crowley as a person?

First things first: Dr. Crowley and her fiancé have made Huntsville their new home, along with their Siberian huskies, Duke and Ghost. If you have dogs, I’m sure you could bond with her as a fellow dog lover. Meanwhile, she’s looking forward to “putting down roots” in this lovely part of Ohio, building her family and exploring the great outdoors, bike riding, kayaking and fishing. Yes, she fishes.

Growing up in Northeastern Ohio, outside of Youngstown, Dr. Crowley had three siblings, and they were competitive. Dr. Crowley decided that academics mattered, so much so that she graduated as Valedictorian of Jackson-Milton High School in 2007. While in high school, she also played sports. Always a leader, guess who was the captain of both the volleyball and softball teams? Yep! Dr. Crowley!

In college, Dr. Crowley continued her love for sports as a volleyball team coach (at her alma mater), while also volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and getting paid as a student supervisor of her college bookstore. When did she find time to sleep, let alone study?

As you can tell, Dr. Crowley likes keeping busy. She graduated from Youngstown State University with a Bachelor’s degree, majoring in Biology, minoring in Chemistry, and, ultimately graduating magna cum laude (“with great distinction”).

From there, Dr. Crowley got serious about dentistry, attending The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. There she thrived as member of the American Student Dental Association, OSU Association of Women Dentists, Psi Omega dental fraternity, and as the student representative on the Clinic Operations Committee. This woman lives life to the fullest.

Always looking to enhance her overall education, Dr. Crowley decided to “extern” in several dental clinics treating patients in underserved areas of Ohio. She gained valuable experience in treating children and patients with special needs.

Owning and running Crowley Family Dental in Kenton, Ohio, is Dr. Crowley’s latest accomplishment. She looks forward to serving the needs of her patients, bringing more and more big toothy white smiles to Central Ohio through great dentistry.

To sum up: when you’re meeting with Dr. Crowley, topics to chat about include: the great outdoors, sports, fishing, education, college, Ohio State, dentistry and dogs. Enjoy!


Justin L. Crowley, DDS

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