In-Office Zoom whitening COMING SOON

Ask a kid to look at two pictures of the same person, but in one they’ve got yellow teeth and the other they have white teeth. Hands-down, when asked which one “looks better,” (aka “more attractive), almost every single one of them says “white teeth!”

In our vain culture, white teeth are a status symbol. The person with blinding white teeth is seen as more attractive, wealthy and cool than those with stained or yellow teeth.

At Crowley Family Dental, we do teeth whitening, and there’s quite a demand for it. Our office will soon offer Zoom. This is a worldwide bleaching process used to lighten discoloration of teeth enamel, effectively giving people what they want: whiter teeth.

Why do people’s teeth get discolored? Think about all the coffee, tea, cola and red wine people drink– can you say staining? Add to that smoking, and you’ve got a recipe for less-than-white teeth. Even something as natural as aging contributes to the staining and darkening of teeth.

The Zoom whitening process utilizes hydrogen peroxide, oxygen, and light in order to whiten teeth quickly and beautifully. The tooth’s structure doesn’t change, but it’s appearance? Well, it turns drab teeth into fab teeth and people absolutely love their new and improved look. Perhaps the best compliment a person can get after their teeth whitening session is when a stranger remarks, “You have beautiful teeth. They’re so white!”

By the way, Zoom takes about an hour in the office. If you’re ready to transform the look of your teeth (and your smile) Zoom could be quite the game changer.

For those who care about their looks, take selfies, and want to look their best in photos and real life, teeth whitening is a no-brainer. Connect with Crowley Family Dental today to talk about getting your teeth whiter as soon as possible.